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Reliable General Dentistry in Columbia, SC

Take care of your oral health with The Smile Studio’s general dentistry services in Columbia, SC. We serve families within a 15-mile radius. The best defense against issues like decay and infection is superb oral hygiene and regular care from our talented dentist and staff. Whether it’s due to age, lifestyle, or diet, every patient has different dental needs. While our typical cleaning and exams services apply to all mouths, issues like bruxism, deep pits in the molars, and oral cancer risks require personalized treatment. Dr. Thompson and the dental staff work to assess your oral condition and treat you based on your needs. We offer a wide array of services to guard you against unnecessary risks of damage and effectively treat the issues preventative care doesn’t cover. Be sure to schedule your routine dental care to ensure your teeth, gums, and mouth stay in the best condition possible. We’ll provide a comfortable, welcoming environment with friendly faces and caring treatment on every visit.

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Thorough Treatment & Prevention Services

Routine or preventative dentistry includes a variety of treatments that help maintain the condition of your teeth and gums. Our general services keep oral issues at bay, including effectively avoiding common problems like cavities and gum disease. When gum disease and cavities occur despite regular care, we treat them to restore your dental health. The most commonly accepted practice is to attend routine checkups for your dentist to perform a cleaning and exams every six months. During these appointments, Dr. Thompson can also identify any oral concerns and address them as quickly as possible.

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General Dentistry Services

The Smile Studio assists you in maintaining a beautiful smile and healthy mouth with our collection of thorough general dentistry services, which include the following:

  • Dental exams
  • Teeth cleanings
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Sealants
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Periodontal infection control
  • Headache prevention (NTI)
  • Bruxism nightguards
  • Athletic mouthguards

Bi-Annual Checkups for Regular Oral Care

The Smile Studio encourages you to schedule your routine dental visits twice a year. This gives us the chance to clean your teeth, check your oral condition, and identify any potential or early issues like cavities or oral cancer. These problems should get resolved as early as possible to avoid them spreading or growing into more severe and costlier conditions. Our talented and compassionate staff will make sure you get the individual attention and treatment for your best smile. Take advantage of our commitment to high-level service and enjoy our amenities like massaging dental chairs for a genuinely gratifying experience. Give us a call today to schedule your next general dentistry appointment.

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