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Emergency Care for Columbia, SC Dental Damage

Residents in and around Columbia, SC can get emergency care for dental problems at The Smile Studio. We take your pain seriously. We know accidents can happen, inflicting pain and damage to our oral cavities. Unexpected toothaches and dental abscesses don’t give you fair warning, and they should be dealt with immediately. Our dentist, Dr. Thompson and the entire staff understand the urgency of a damaged tooth or loose crown, which is why we provide prompt and reliable emergency dental services. Our priority is to alleviate the pain and resolve the damage to get your mouth back in top condition.

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Types of Dental Emergencies

There are various situations that qualify as dental emergencies, including simple tooth pain and a more serious dislodged tooth or dental abscess. The Smile Studio is available to help you in your time of need with prompt emergency dentistry for a quick resolution to the pain and damage. It’s also valuable for you to know how to handle a dental crisis while you seek treatment. The following are some common dental emergencies and the recommended actions you should take on the spot while getting help.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Gently rinse off the tooth and leave any attached tissue intact. If it’s possible, put the tooth back in the socket, or place it in a glass of milk while you seek dental care.

Broken Tooth

Collect the pieces of the broken tooth and use warm water to rinse out your mouth. Decrease pain and swelling by placing a cold compress on the affected area.

Lost Crown or Filling

Use dental cement or sugarless gum to seal the area where a dental filling has fallen out. For a loose dental crown, reattach it with dental cement. If reattachment doesn’t work, be sure to bring the crown with you to the dentist.


Use warm water to rinse out your mouth, and then floss your teeth to make sure you don’t have food or debris causing pain. Call us for dental care if the pain persists.

Object Stuck in Teeth

Use dental floss to try to remove the object carefully. Never attempt this with a sharp instrument. If the dental floss doesn’t successfully dislodge the object, you should seek emergency dental care.

Dental Abscess

A clear indication of a dental abscess is a pimple-like swelling on the gums that’s painful. If you notice this, use salt water to rinse your mouth and seek emergency dental care immediately. If it’s not treated properly, a dental abscess can develop into more severe infections.

Call for Prompt Dental Assistance

You don’t have to suffer for long when pain or trauma unexpectedly affects your mouth. Get quick and dependable care for your dental emergency at The Smile Studio in Columbia, SC. If your day includes a surprise chip in your tooth or knocked-out dental filling, give us a call so that we can schedule care as soon as possible.

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